What difference has the project internship made?

Eleven students from across UCA Fashion and Textiles courses have completed paid internships on the project, working with the private archive of Zandra Rhodes, based at her fashion studio in London. They have assisted the project team with a range of tasks to support the professional photography of 500 garments.

We recently asked several interns to spend five minutes reflecting on what difference the project internship has made to them, and to add their answers to a flip chart:

What difference has the project internship made to you? Flipchart showing student responses.

“Going through all her collections inspired me”
The students enjoyed working with the garments, learning about them and the history behind them, getting to see them close-up, to feel the different fabrics used, and to understand how the garments were constructed. See, for example, the blog post by UCA student Lauren Hunt on how she has used images of the garments as research within her sketchbook.

“Seeing industry at work!”
The students gained an insight into the industry, and how a fashion studio is run, and learnt about the different roles in the studio, and saw the studio’s progress over the summer. They learnt about its techniques and processes, and found it an inspirational environment.

“Gained skills and knowledge that I can take away with me”
Students also mentioned other skills, attributes, and knowledge gained, such as perseverance to achieve perfection, and learning about how a photoshoot is organised and what the photographer does. Two interns gained unique experience on one day in the studio, when they were filmed working with Zandra and were interviewed for two television news features about the project.

“I felt privileged”
The students felt privileged to be working alongside Zandra Rhodes and to see her role in the studio.  They felt appreciated and part of the team, and found that they had more responsibility than they initially thought, and said that it was nice to be trusted with Zandra’s garments.  The interns also thought that it was good that they were able to do a mixture of tasks, from preparing garments to assisting the photographer. See, for example, the blog post by recent UCA graduate Emily Houghton on her first day in the Studio.

“It built up my confidence”
The internship built confidence, and students felt it was a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and not as scary as initially thought!

“Shows future employers that I am willing to work hard”
The students also felt that the the internship will help them with securing future work experience placements and their future employability, and that it will demonstrate their passion for their field of study and a strong work ethic.

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